payment date error on site February 07th, 2017
dear member rnfor some reason when i did payments yesterday it showed the wrong date on tons of payments that were made. a few of you have tried to use that to get extra money. PLEASE be honest i have a saved csv file and payment record at paypal and payza so lying will not work secondly i am notifying the programmer and he will look into it when he can so for right now the wrong dates might show however all payments have been made .the date error will be fixed. thank you
member guide inf for you February 04th, 2017
i created this page to help out the members and even get points for viewing it under the ptc section.only if you want to make money .goto
20+ random payouts today! January 13th, 2017
more than 20 random payout to members today who have signed up for it-you may do so please put your payment email in.rnregards admin
PROMO untill we hit 10000 members! January 09th, 2017
FREE week trial package that included credits for new members details in forum on membership upgrad page also. if you are all ready a member you may try it for just 0.99 cents! copy paste this link to page direct--- a great new year everyone remember we pay you for your direct referrals 0.02+99 points for each and every one-NO LIMITS ON REFERRALS HERE! good luck all regards admin
random pay outs updates and moree! December 14th, 2016
Dear membersrnrni have done the 2cnd round of random payouts and they are posted in forum . remember google translate is now on every page so you can use if needed!. i am having the leader board redone. Sign up for random payments in account area or just watch the video in video help guide section. also i would apreciate it if yu subscribed to our youtube channel that way you are updated when new videos come out. AGAIN i would love to see more posts in forums so yu all can get to know each other thats effective networking.rnthank you all again and check out the new advertising specials i just put out-rnenjoy regards admin
google translator on pages ! December 05th, 2016
Dear members there is now google translate on the pages for you so you can use what ever language you need to! on top LEFT of every pagernrni hope this helps yournregards admin
membership specials through week November 30th, 2016
several have asked for extension on membership fr another week--so i will let the black friday specials go through this weekend 12/4/16 sunday . so if yu would like them they will be availible at that price for a couple of more days. thank you for asking.
Thank you everyone! November 30th, 2016
i wanted to say again i apreciate your efforts in growing our community and to all that replied to my question about how was your weekend-THANK YOU MUCH. i want this to be a friendly nice place were you can talk to me also.rnas admin i am here for you ! thanks again and best regards AADMIN
BLACK FRIDAY EVENTS here at adzcash November 26th, 2016
get a yearly membership for only $4.99!! and fron page views for 30days at only $1.99! we get thousands of views a day and at average of 3000 a day x 30 days thats possibly 90000 or more views to the front page-a lot of value for the money and just today i added even more outside advertising so your ads get seen 24/7 regardless,happy shopping and grab the specials while they last.
happy thanksgiving ! November 24th, 2016
have a happy holiday everyone!rnenjoy itrnADMIN
forum topics expanded November 19th, 2016
Dear members added more forum topics-go post have some fun and interact with other members!rnrnIts just not all about clicking ads its about networking and meeting others in our community!
SITE updates mailed out November 16th, 2016
all new features have been sent to every member in email and in PM to their accounts! enjoy and let me know if you spot a problem.rnrnregards ADMIN
banners coming back online November 12th, 2016
i know our promote banners are not correct --working on now so should be ok in next 24=48 hours for them to intergate fully/ i did send out pm on is ongoing so apreciate your paienantce everyone. regards admin
site work in progress! November 12th, 2016
Work is being done now and will be ongoing for a little bit. i will email everyone when its done with whats new! i know it looks differeant but has better features-hold on its just getting better---ADMIN
SITE UPGRADE COMING November 10th, 2016
SITE UPGRADE COMMING! i am excited to let you all know i have paid programmer to upgrade our site--upgrade will be done in next 2-3 days !! - we will have more features and i know you will all love it-i am doing this because i truly want to make this a great place for you. i appreciate all you do and i thank you for being a member--your gonna love the site up grade--regards admin
You-tube for adzcash members help videos November 08th, 2016
REMEMBER-- we have you-tube help videos for some questions!! subscribe for newest ones including contests ect. goto our help page under video guid i truly hope this help answer some of your questions. i will do the best i can. ADMIN goto link .
PAYZA November 06th, 2016
WE can now take PAYZA for your purchases! 2 new PAYZA memberships specials for you in purchase area and a Lifetime limited to first 100 who grab em!(short time) best regards admin.
OCTOBER winners November 01st, 2016
Dear members ,check your email for october winners ! our referral contest and thank you all for your efforts!. regards admin

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