How do i win at advertising?

the ADMIN of this site has pre-payed for outside visits, that means YOUR ADS ARE SEEN 24/7 regardless of how many members are online!
THATS HUGE VALUE for you as you wont have to worry about your ads being viewed. Thats a big win for you!

How to use account panel

how to use the account panel video

help videos are being redone for the new upgrade

how memberships work

HOW memberships work.

How to place banner ads and ptc ads

How to add banner ads and advertisements correctly

convert points to cash!

how to convert points to cash or advertising

FREE referrals How to.

get free referrals how to video--right from you account panel.

adzcash contest explained

Explains how to find the contest and the rewards!

Bonus -random payments for members!! how to sign up for this!

Members! receive bonus random payments to your accounts!! this is a really cool feature i hope you enjoy!

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How do i earn here?


These are a few examples of how to earn
#1 Click on ads and be paid to view them.

#2 Click on ad grid and have a chance to earn cash rewards for viewing ads.

#3 promote us and earn for showing your banner on other sites!.

#4 Refer others and earn from their purchases and upgrades and CLICKS!

# 5 UPGRADE and earn 50% of referrals upgrade and 12% of referrals purchases !

How do i benefit from joining?

Good question!

You get a simple,easy to use website managed by a paid to click user who has been used,and abused by many ptc gurus over the years, and is sick of the B.S. and lies.

ADMIN has made it super easy to navigate and user friendly.

members only forum where just members, not outsiders can use.

Built for simple EARNINGS and site stability, as most sites promise unrealistic money and lie with no intention of being n business long term.

Look at your earnings if you upgrade! ITS amazing and the upgrade is so reasonable cost, that everyone can afford it, meaning you have an easier time promoting it!

After all, who cant afford $5.00 ???and who doesn't want to earn 50% from their efforts???


referrals upgrades
referrals purchases
viewing ads
reading emails.
signing up to programs.
playing clix grid for cash rewards!
Contests, weekly and monthly!

So you benefit from all this, and knowing your referrals will to, means more earning for you!


You are allowed unlimited referrals!!
RECEIVE 0.02+ 99 points!!! for each direct referral you get.
we do not hold you back, free members or paid, both are allowed unlimited referrals!!

Rented referrals are real people, we do not use a bot system here.
Therefore we do not and can not guarantee their productivity.
Should you purchase a referral it is yours and again we have no control over any referral. some will be more active than others.

do you have a forum? YES read!

Yes---- we have a members only forum that only members can view and post to. this is just for you!.
Please read our terms for forum or in you members account area area click on forum.

PAID emails to earn more?

Earn more, by getting paid emails!
go to account panel , click on preferrances tab (has a picture of pencil) and it asks to turn on paid emails. there are other settings to turn on make sure your admin messages stay on.

more to earn and great advertising oprotunitty as you can sen other members paid emails by getting email credits.

referral builder --how to use it

In your acocunt panel is a tab that says REF BUILDER that is your referralbuilder. put your IDs in the programs and when you get a direct referral , if they join any of those programs they will be in your downline in each program they join!!

this is a great way to get referrals from your direct referrals-so join those prograsa and put in your id . This is a great tool for you to use to get referrals.

what are random payouts?

As ADMIN i have the ability to send you the member random payouts from your account!!---- that is if you want me to-------so in account setting goto withdrawal and set up the random payouts. What happens is , you may be selected for getting a random payout even though you are under the minimum payout amount! kinda cool right bonus right? thought you would like that. so make sure you have set it to ok so you have the chance to be picked !

General Questions

what do I get for referring others?

Good Question!!
per direct referral you rewarded 0.02 +99 points!! most sites give you nothing for your direct referrals, we are not most sites.
You also get paid on your referrals purchases every time they buy advertising or upgraded their membership.
You also get paid just to advertise our banner on other sites every time some one views it!(unique views )
AND depending on your upgrade you can earn as much as 70% and 12% from your referrals purchases. (depends on your membership)
It smart to upgrade and promote.

How many referrals can a free member have?


AS many as you can refer, we do not hold you back or limit you on referrals, as the more you refer the more you will make on commissions from upgrades and advertising

when do i get paid?

Payments are sent out according to time received and your membership. Upgraded members can request a cash out every 7 days and free members every 16 days.
Minimum cash out is $2.00 unless admin otherwise states. ALL payments are done manually so please give it some time, you will get paid. this is done for security of website and members to prevent cheating or harming the site financially.
Please read our terms.

We also have random payouts that are under the minimum, you can sign up for just click here to watch video.

how many ads daily do i get?

That depends on how much advertising was bought.
as our members are not like a bux site--bux sites fail due to promising more than they can pay out, while true it takes owners money out of pocket to get a site going , the goal is to keep it going and keep it stable-therefore ads will vary up and down simply depending on how much or how many ads and types of ads were paid for. so one day you may have 4 ads the next you may have 100. this bennifits you as i plan to stay online and for a long long time. i hope this helps

Advertisers you WIN FaQ

how 30 sec 1 cent ads benefit me?

As an advertiser you want your ad seen correct?

Do you like clicking on penny ads? Of course you do, who doesn't. those are the best kind of ads. People love them!

THATS why you get HUGE value for your advertising dollar here. We offer you the ability to get 1,000 views at 1 cent each to the member at 30 seconds long!! viewed by happy ,eager members.

Members are going to want to view your penny ads and you get your business opportunity seen by some one who wants to see what you are offering, and they have to view it for 30 seconds!

of course we offer lower cost ads for every budget , just think about the kind of ads you would rather click on, when you purchase advertising.

After all, other sites are charging far more for ads only lasting a few seconds, and not even close to this many views.

we want you to be happy with the value we offer, and knowing your ads are seen by outside views as well as members is a very good thing.

I get paid to advertise?

Absolutly, you get paid to promote your banner on other sites and are paid every time your banner is seen. plus any referrals you get from promoting also add to your money!
So promote away!

Still having trouble? Contact us here.

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